In Victoria, the Fire Danger Period is declared as early as October and often remains in place until the fire danger lessens, which could be as late as May. If you live near areas that have significant bush, forest, long grass, or coastal scrub, then you need to be extra vigilant throughout these warm summer months. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to be prepared and to put the appropriate steps in place to protect your family and your home against fires.

We have compiled some fire protection tips so you do not get caught off guard during this summer’s bushfire season.

The Design of your Garden
You can do a lot to reduce the flame and heat near your house by designing a garden that is bushfire wise and maintaining it during warmer months. Fire burns wherever there is fuel. If you reduce fuel around your home, you can reduce how hot and destructive a fire is as it passes through your property.

Lawns & Flowerbeds

  • Well-placed garden beds, firebreaks and reducing vegetation under trees are all ways you can manage fire risk.
  • Mature trees can help shield against radiant heat and embers. They must be strategically located and well managed.
  • Mow your grass regularly and keep it cut to less than 10cm, ensure grass is short enough to minimise fuel for fire but can still retain moisture.
  • Use pebbles or rocks in your flowerbeds (not flammable mulch).
  • Do not have large shrubs next to or under windows.
  • Keep garden beds clear of weeds and remove any dead vegetation.

Shrubs & Trees

  • Look for bark that hangs off trees and make sure it’s well clear of the ground.
  • Clear any branches away that overhang your house or decking.
  • Keep shrubs well watered, pruned and away from your house.
  • Clean out your gutters of leaves and debris

Clearing and minimising the vegetation on your property helps to reduce the intensity of a fire. Installing firebreaks is highly recommended. A fire-break is a strip of land that has been cleared of all trees, shrubs, grass and other combustible material, providing a ‘fuel free’ area.

Central Land Clearing are experts in fire hazard removal and installing firebreaks, we have the experience, knowledge and equipment to assess your property and provide a risk mitigation service to tell you how best to plan and protect your home.

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