Land clearing is defined as the responsible removal of bushes, trees, shrubs and other vegetation from wooded bushland areas. There are many reasons people may need to clear land, including making space for residential buildings, commercial developments or agriculture / improving farming operations.

When should you get land clearing done?
If you are planning a new construction project, you need to ensure that the site is prepared. You may have just bought a new house and need to clean up any fallen trees or overgrown shrubs to remove any fire hazards.

There are strict land clearing laws in place and if you are carrying out a removal or forestry mulching project, the laws should be followed so that there are no negative impacts on the environment.

Should you clear the land on your own?
When clearing out your land we would recommend seeking help from a professional, offering forestry mulching services. Land clearing requires extensive knowledge base and experience to operate the machinery. Experts should be hired to ensure the work is done efficiently and safely while abiding by the laws.

How is it actually done?
Clear and strict laws, rules, and regulations have been set in place in Victoria to ensure the preservation of wildlife, habitats, and the environment. There are three typical ways in which the clearing of the land is actually carried out. We’ve summarised these below:

Manually clearing the land – Used primarily for smaller projects in smaller areas, professionals operate machinery such as slashers to strip and clear out overgrown bushes and shrubs.

Mechanically – using machines to clear the land – Large scale machinery is used to clear out sizeable areas.

Chemical Spraying – Chemicals are sprayed over large areas of soil to prepare it for farming and vegetation. These chemicals destroy small plants and weeds before a burn-off is conducted.

Why should you hire a land clearing specialist?
The process of removing overgrown trees, stumps, roots, shrubs, and bushes is complex. It should be carried out by a professional to ensure there are no serious side effects to the condition of the land such as soil erosion, dryland salinity and biodiversity.

Central Land Clearing contractors in Victoria are fully insured and licensed. We are passionate about creating sustainable land for the long-term benefits of the local community. Our state-of-the-art equipment has been especially imported to offer the most impactful solution for our clients.

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